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The Professional Styling Services of Ashley Skelly

Specializing in Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe, and Creative Direction

Hair and Makeup Styling

Get the Look

Ashley has been a professional hair stylist and makeup artist since she graduated Paul Mitchell Cosmetology School in 2011. Specializing in hair styling and makeup artistry, Ashley is here to find the right look for you. Over the past 10 years Ashley has worked on commercials, music videos, films, photo shoots, and live entertainment events. She has experience from natural and glam looks to more creative and special effects. Whatever look you need to achieve, Ashley is able to help create it for you through the art of hair styling and makeup artistry.

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Creative Direction and Production Design

Bring your Art to Life

The way you present yourself says a lot about you. What setting will you be in, how will you look, who and what will be around you, what is the mood we are trying to create? Artistic and creative direction is an essential part of all of my services. My goal is to help my clients bring their vision to life and think of all the elements required to make that happen. Sometimes I even bring others on to help achieve bigger productions I can't do alone. By managing, coordinating, and collaborating with other professional artists I am able to create a cohesive visual product for my clients.

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Wardrobe Styling

Feel Your Best

Sometimes it's really hard to pick out the right clothes to wear for the image you are trying to portray to the world, the one that shows the best version of yourself for what you are doing. Whether it's that special outfit for your next music video,  something for that holiday office party,  or corporate headshots. Ashley can help you find the right options for you. Personal shopping services or closet organizing services also available.

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Costume Design

Become the Art

I create custom wearable art pieces, costume designs, and character concepts.  Some outfits are made from scratch and some are curated and incorporate other artists work to bring the character design to life. If it's something I don't have the skill set to create, I will find someone who does. When we come together we can create something more magical than we could on our own. I help put the looks together, but it is with inspiration from the client and the wearer who really brings it to life.

Set Design 

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Tell Your Story

I can help design and create the setting for your next project by helping find the location, set dressing, gathering props, and overseeing the overall look and feel of the environment. 

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Specialty Casting

Booking the Talent

Need help finding someone for that special photoshoot, film project or event? Over the years, I have developed a large database of models, actors, entertainers, and talent to help bring your vision to life. Let me help by finding the right person for the role! 


About Ashley

Ashley Skelly is an Atlanta based Creative Director using her skills and experience in hair, makeup, costuming, and set design. Ashley moved to Atlanta in 2011 after graduating Paul Mitchell the School for hair and makeup. Since her move to Atlanta, Ashley has been working in photography, film, theater, and entertainment. Her background and experience have helped her incorporate different skill sets and perspectives into her work.  Utilizing her skills in communication to oversee creative direction, Ashley collaborates closely with her clients to help bring their vision and Art to Life. Ashley has also helped put together and manage creative teams on many productions. She is always utilizing her resources and experience to bring the most to any project she is working on.



Marvel, Netflix, Coca Cola, Papa Johns, SCAD University, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Wellstar, Nike, Hilton Hotels, Tripwire Games, Top Golf, HiRez Studios, Atlanta Childrens Hospital, Youth Villages, IHG Rewards, US Air National Guard, Jagermeister and more! 


Atlanta, GA, USA


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